Christianity And The Constitution: The Faith of Our Founding Fathers
John Eidsmoe rights the faulty historical record and correctly brings us back to the roots that made America great... clearly demonstrates that our constitutional liberties are a direct result of our founders' moral and religious convictions which were based on a belief in a God who created heave and earth as well as on the fixed and unchanging absolutes of God's Word. -Robert Skolrood, National Legal Foundation

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Columbus & Cortez, Conquerors for Christ
The Controversy... the conquest... the mission... the vision.

Columbus - Conquistador or Christ-bearer? Did Christopher Columbus exploit the people of America, or did he evangelize them? What were his true goals, his motives, his reasons for undertaking the dangerous voyage?

Cortez - Militarist or missionary? Did Hernando Cortez subjugate the people of Mexico - or did he liberate them?

And why all the controversy over these explorers? Is it really to correct the historical record? Or is it an assault on the values of Western Civilization and Christianity which is the source of those values?

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God and Caesar: Biblical Faith and Political Action
Jesus said, "Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's," thereby approving (at least for this age) the idea of human government. The hard part is deciding what actually belongs to Caesar and what should be reserved exclusively for God. How Christians are to understand and apply Jesus' words has been a point of controversy since the days of the apostles. Many difficult issues that continue to trouble Christians are dealt with in this book:
  • Is there a Biblical pattern for human government?
  • What should we as Christians expect from government?
  • Should Christians participate in government?
  • What does the Bible have to say about issues related to government such as wealth and poverty, left and right, crime and punishment, the family, education, censorship and pornography, civil disobedience, liberation theology, military service?
  • Do some systems of government follow Biblical teaching more closely than others? What about American democracy - how does it measure up?
  • Would a socialist or redistributive economic and governmental system be more Biblical?
John Eidsmoe brings a wealth of biblical insight, theological reflection, and practical experience to bear on the crucial issue of how Biblical Christianity and politics relate. Here at last is a book that simply and clearly shows how we really can give both God and Caesar their due.

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Institute on the Constitution: A Study on Christianity & the Law of the Land
12 part course on Audio CD, also with a syllabus, features:
CD 1: Lecture 1 - A Biblical View of History, Law, and Government
CD 1: Lecture 2 - The Discovery, Settlement, and Evangelization of America
CD 2: Lecture 3 - The Religious Beliefs of the Founding Fathers
CD 2: Lecture 4 - The Founding Fathers Five-Fold Formula
CD 3: Lecture 5 - 1776 - 1789: From Independence to the Constitution
CD 3: Lecture 6 - An Overview of the Constitution: Preamble; Article I
CD 4: Lecture 7 - An Overview of the Constitution: Articles II and III
CD 4: Lecture 8 - An Overview of the Constitution: Articles IV thru VII
CD 5: Lecture 9 - An Overview of the Constitution: The Bill of Rights; The First Amendment
CD 5: Lecture 10 - An Overview of the Constitution: Amendments II thru XXVII
CD 6: Lecture 11 - The Crisis of the Constitution: From Biblical Absolutes to Evolutionary Humanism
CD 6: Lecture 12 - Reclaiming the Constitution: A Victory Plan for Restoring Our Constitutional Heritage

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God & Government: A Study of the Bible's Relevance to the Issues of Today
8 Cassetes with Study Guide
Tape 1: God & Government
Tape 2: Liberty & Power
Tape 3: Anarchy & Tyranny
Tape 4: Multi-Culturalism, Diversity, & Tolerance
Tape 5: Crime & Punishment
Tape 6: The Right to Life
Tape 7: Social Responsibility
Tape 8: War & International Relations

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